How to use a Vape Pen

Vapes and eCigarettes have become more and more popular over the years. Vapes are great for helping people quit or reduce their smoking habit a lot easier than just going cold turkey. Vapes also let people avoid the dangerous chemicals present in cigarettes while get their nicotine hit.

Unsure of how to use a vape pen? Using a Vape pen is a simple and easy way to vape, even for you first timers.

Guide: How to use a Vape

Man Vaping

What is a Vape Pen

A vape pen is essentially a power source that heats up the cartridge or vape tank to produce vapour. A vape pen contains a rechargeable battery, are pocket sized and resemble a pen.

Most vape pens have the same parts (though some will have slight differences).

  • Battery
  • Heating Chamber – oils/waxes/liquids are placed here.
  • Mouthpiece – the vapour is drawn through here.

Charging your Vape Pen Battery

See if your vape pen has an integrated battery or removable battery (your user manual should help you identify which one you have).

Most vape pens are charged using a USB and should come with an adapter. Always use the charger and cable that came packaged with your vape pen. Different units sometime run on different voltages and too much power could cause your pen to overheat or even explode.

How to use a Vape Pen

Fully charge your Vape pen and load the chamber with your liquid/waxes/oils. Turn on the Pen by clicking the button 5 times (you will also switch it off by pressing the button 5 times).

Press the button as you inhale and be careful not to press it too early as you don’t want the vapour to become too hot.

Some vape pens are activated as you inhale and do not have a button to press.


Most Vape pens are refillable and use replaceable coils. They can be filled different flavours and different nicotine strengths. If you’re looking to quit or reduce smoking, you can slowly reduce the nicotine strength.

Don’t overfill the tank and give the coil at least 5 to 10 minutes to prime before using.

Tips for Maintaining your Vape Pen

If you want to get the most out of your vape pen and keep it running for as long as possible, follow our guidelines.

  • Clean your mouthpiece often and keep it in a case to keep dirt out.
  • Keep the battery out of extreme temperatures, just like your phone, subjecting your Vape pen to high heat or extremely cold temperature, can affect the performance and lifespan of your vape pen.
  • Clean the threads of your vape pen often.
  • When vape starts to taste burnt, replace your coils.

Are Vape Pens Safe

E-cigarettes/Vapes don’t produce tar or carbon monoxide, which are two of the most harmful elements in tobacco smoke. The liquid and vapour do contain some potentially harmful chemicals found in cigarettes but at much lower levels.

Public Health England’s 2015 independent evidence review found that vaping is around 95% less harmful than smoking.