A beginners guide to vaping

Maybe you’ve decided to make the swap from smoking cigarettes to using a vape or e cigarette. Or perhaps you’ve smelt a nice vape flavour while out with your friends. Maybe your just curious about vapes and want to give it a go. No matter your reason, vaping, like any “hobby”, can be a bit overwhelming. But don’t let this worry you or put you off. The more you use your vape the more you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s a few tips to help you pick the right vape for you and to help you keep your vape in tip top condition. Take on board these tips, and you’ll be vaping like a pro in no time.

Picking your vape

Consider a vape starter kit

There’s no shame in getting a starter kit when it comes to vaping, in fact, we would recommend it. It can be overwhelming and even intimidating to try and start. Buying a starter kit means you have everything you need right there from the get go. You can start vaping straight away. Starter kits are built up very carefully. Each component is selected to make sure everything is compatible so you don’t have to worry.

Being brand new to vaping means you likely don’t know too much about compatibility or even realise all the components that go into your vape. Imagine the frustration you’ll feel if you come to take that first taste of your vape and it just doesn’t want to work.

Choosing the right type of vape

You’ve probably noticed when out and about, a lot of people have different shapes and sizes of vapes and this isn’t just a style decision. They behave differently and are designed for different styles of use.

If you’re more interested in a vape to help you stop smoking or are just interested in the nicotine hit. You want to find a starter kit vape that has a high level of resistance. These are the vapes you have seen that look more like a pen and they will have a much higher resistance level. An extra bonus of this style of vape is that they’re less power hungry, meaning your battery will last much longer. As you can guess, a longer battery life means more vaping.

If you’re more interested in big clouds, then you will want a lower resistance coil which tend to have the larger tanks for your juice. These will give you the big clouds you want but you can probably guess that these will have less battery life so be aware of this.

Deciding on your vape juice

Now you’ve decided on what kind of vape you want. It’s time to decide on the juice to go with it. There’s a lot more options than you probably realise!

Vape juice is made up of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine. This is the stuff that creates your vapour clouds when you exhale out. We could go on for ages and ages about the technical side of it all. But you have two decisions really.

How much nicotine do you want, if any?

What flavours do you want?

If you’re after the big clouds, then you want a lower nicotine level. When you’re inhaling with a vape like this, you’re taking in a lot more. The more you inhale, the more nicotine you take in. Most high powered devices will usually use nicotine levels like the following 1.5mg/ml, 3mg/ml and 6mg/ml. Which stands for milligrams of nicotine per millilitre of liquid. There’s a lot of trial and error in this step though.

If you’re making a transition from smoking to vaping, then you likely want to go for a higher nicotine content. But obviously, if you’re trying to stop, use a lower nicotine content juice and finally, if you’re just vaping for fun then you can get nicotine free juices.

The ranges of flavours are insane and if you can imagine it, well it probably exists out there. A lot of places offer sample packs which contain lots of small packs of different flavours. They’re a great way to find what works for you and also give you a chance to try some flavours you might not have otherwise considered.

Looking after your vape.

So you finally found the correct vape for you, awesome! However you’re probably now wondering about the maintenance that comes with owning a vape. They’re delicate pieces of equipment and without the right care, can break easily. But not to worry, we are still here to offer up some advice and general tips to keep your vape in top condition.

Beware of your tank cracking and getting damaged.

Your starter vape (especially cheaper ones) will usually have a plastic tank. At first glance this might not seem like that big of an issue, however plastic tanks are at risk of cracking and warping when using certain juices. Menthol and cinnamon flavours are quite notorious for this.

It’s highly recommended that you look into getting a glass tank for your vape as soon as you can as these are a lot more durable and will allow you to access the full array of flavours and juices out there for you. But even glass tanks aren’t completely damage proof. As you can guess, since it’s glass, they can be fragile and if you drop your vape it can break.

Disassemble your vape at night

This is an important one that is easy to overlook. It’s good to get yourself into the habit of taking your vape apart at night. You should remove your vape tank, or atomiser, before you go to bed especially if you’ve just filled it up ready for tomorrow.

This helps prevent the risk of any leak or spillage from your vape which not only wastes your juices, but also if it gets into the batteries or buttons you could end up with a dead device. I don’t think anyone wants the heartbreaking moment of realising that brand new shiny vape you bought the other day now has to be thrown away because of a little spill.

Take our advice on this one, spend a few moments each night disassembling your vape to avoid a simple mistake. 2 minutes of disassembly can save you lots of dismay.

Your batteries

The battery is arguably one of the most important parts of your vape. It’s the heart of your vape and without it, it won’t work. Let’s talk about your starter vapes battery first. Most starter vapes will have a battery indicator or use a colour code around the button. Try not to let your battery actually run dry. Let it run low but before it dies, make sure to put it on charge.

Some starters have what is called ”ego threading”. This means you need to screw the charger directly onto the battery. You want to make sure you don’t over tighten this as it can cause damage to the battery or to the charger. You also want to make sure that you don’t overcharge your batteries either. It might seem like a good idea to charge your battery overnight but this can do more harm and affect your battery life in a negative way. Only charge your battery for as long as the guides suggest.

If you’re using more advanced mods and building your own coils, then you need to look out for a few more things to help maintain your vape. You need to make sure you’re not overworking your battery. They’re designed to only handle so many amps and pushing the, further than you should can lead to disaster. 

Make sure your battery isn’t overheating and if it is, remove it immediately and begin to troubleshoot the issue.

If when buying batteries you find the wrapping has rips or the battery itself has dents or damage to it, do not ever use these. You also need to be careful how you store your batteries. Never leave them exposed to direct sunlight or in your vehicle. You risk the chance of your batteries exploding if they overheat which is not a pretty sight.

Read your user guide/instructions

This cannot be stressed enough. You should take the 5 to 10 minutes to read your user guide that comes with your new vape. Anything you read here or anywhere else can offer great advice and tips, but that set of instructions that comes with your vape will give you more accurate information. Each vape is different and so they behave differently and might have different lengths of time it takes for the coil to become completely covered, for example.

Vaping is a great activity and a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes that more and more people take up each day. With any luck, you should be feeling a bit more comfortable with using your new vape or have finally decided on what kind of vape is for you. Happy vaping!