Why does my Vape Taste Burnt?

Have you loaded your Vape pen with a fresh, smooth tasting flavour, taken a hit but all you can taste is burnt paper? Don’t worry, the vape hasn’t burnt off your taste buds (hopefully not!) but you should stop vaping immediately and follow this guide to fix the problem.

Flame fire

Why does your vape taste burnt?

First of all, don’t throw you vape pen in the bin and buy a new one as it is an easy fix. The burnt taste is because the wick inside your atomizer coil has dried out and most likely burned up as it was heated. The wick is the part that soaks up the eliquid from the tank and without liquid to vapourise, the coils start burning the wick.

Common Reasons for a Burnt Tasting Vape

Looking after your coils will reduce the chances of you experiencing the burnt vape taste. The following are ways that your coils will burn up and die faster.

Chain Vaping

Taking too many puffs in a row can cause the wick to dry up as it can’t soak the liquid fast enough. If the vape is starting to taste a little burnt, give it a few minutes to catch up before continuing to vape.

Give your vape pen around 20 seconds of breathing space in between puffs to reduce the chances of you chain vaping.

Temp Setting too High

Vaping at a high heat or high wattage will burn through the eliquid too fast. When this happens, the wick will start to burn so stay within the recommended wattage range.

Not priming coils

Priming your coils is basically the process of getting them ready for first use, this process allows the wick to soak up the eLiquid.

Unsure of how to prime your coils?

First, make sure that the coil is compatible with you vape pen. Check the side of the coil for the wattage range as you want to ensure that you don’t exceed this.

Drip a small amount of eliquid down the holes of the coils in your tank to saturate the with. You’ll know when the stop the the liquid starts to pool at the holes on the top.

And now you wait! How long for you ask? 10 minutes should be fine but check your instructions and always go by them just in case.

When you initially start vaping, you might experience some spitback on the first few puffs. These are due to the extra liquid that pooled around the holes of the coils and will generally clear up after a very short while.

How long should a coil last? How to extend the life of a Coil?

The lifespan of coils vary depending on your vaping habits.

The higher the wattage, the more strain on your coils and the quicker they “burn out”. Vaping on a low wattage cold result in the eliquid not vapourising fully and remaining on the coil. You need to find the sweet spot in the middle.

The sweeter juices are notorious for clogging up the vape coils, which again reduces the lifespan of the coil. Avoid high VG eliquids for a longer lasting coils.

Also, letting you tank run dry could cause your wick to dry up and burn as it has not got enough juice to soak up. Keep your tank topped up, rather than vaping right down to the last drop.