Pros and Cons of Vaping in 2019

Today, vaping is quite popular among young people and adults. There are countless available flavors and many ways to customize the design of the vape.

Are you a smoker who is unsure whether you should give vapes a go or currently use a vape and are thinking of switching back to cigarettes? Let’s take a look at some of the more practical details that surround vaping.

What are the pros and cons of vaping or eCigarettes?

Vaping Pros

Healthier Alternative to Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes make a great alternative to the traditional cigarette, which is manufactured with many harmful substances. Most cigarettes contain a hefty list of toxic ingredients, such as arsenic (rat poison), ammonia (toilet cleaner), and methanol (rocket fuel), just to name a few. By vaping, one can still smoke while avoiding these harsh additives.

Indoor Friendly

Since the early 2000’s, smoking indoors has been banned virtually everywhere. But since electronic cigarettes don’t make the room smell and don’t cause second hand smoke, vaping indoors is permitted in some places. For those who have very stressful jobs, being able to vape indoors is a huge advantage. It’s also easy to vape discreetly so as not to bother the people around you. Nonetheless, it’s not safe to vape around children.

Lack of Odour

One of the biggest advantages of vaping is that it does not leave your home smelling of smoke. Vaping leaves hardly any odour in a room, and because of the many available flavours, when someone does smell it, it smells good.

This is especially helpful for people who live with another person who doesn’t want to be around smoking odours. As mentioned above, vape exposure is not good for kids, but it is safer for a child to get into a car that has just been vaped in, rather than to buckle your kids into a car that might expose them to secondhand smoke from cigarettes.

Many Flavours

Not only do vape flavours smell nice, they also taste nice.

Vapes can be flavored to mimic virtually any taste. These range from strawberry to ice cream. Some of the more unique flavors on the market are graham cracker, milk, and peanut butter.

But, this feature of vaping may change in the near future, states around the US are beginning to see the dangerous appeal to young kids of tasty flavors and are considering flavour bans (which could also then follow suit here in the UK).

Control Nicotine Levels

One great advantage of vapes is the ability to choose your desired nicotine level. Vape juices can be anywhere from 0% to 5% nicotine, and you can buy the correct dosage according to your needs and preferences.

Choosing a vape juice that is nicotine free (0%) is a great option for someone who would like to practice their vape tricks but doesn’t want to become addicted. On the contrary, a vape juice that contains anywhere from 3.5% to 5% nicotine is a good choice for someone who is transitioning from cigarettes to vapes, and needs a stronger dosage.

Light to moderate dosages lie somewhere within 0.3% to 1% nicotine.

You can over time, reduce the nicotine levels if you are thinking of quitting smoking.

Great Way to Relax

Vaping can reduce stress and anxiety, and also improve focus and concentration. The myriad of available flavors actually contribute to the relaxation factor. If you often find yourself in stressful situations, vaping could be a good way to calm your nerves.

A little word of caution though, if you do not currently smoke, then look for alternative methods to help you relax as nicotine is addictive and harmful to your health.


One of the coolest things about vaping is that it can also be done with CBD or THC extract. This has both medical and recreational benefits.

Many people with serious medical conditions find that cannabis is the only remedy for their pain. It even helps those who suffer from seizures, but it can also provide pain relief to less severe conditions like migraines.

For someone who doesn’t want to pop a pill every time they feel a headache coming on, having a vape on hand is the perfect remedy. And in places where marijuana is recreationally legal, vapes are just a great way to enjoy its effects.

Social Integration

Even though your mother might have warned you not to do something just because “everyone’s doing it”, vaping may actually be something that the majority of your friends are doing. We wouldn’t recommend that you buy a vape just to seem cool, but if it is something that you are interested in, there are plenty of flavours available with 0% nicotine.

New Hobby

You’ve probably heard the term “smoke tricks” before. This means that vaping is actually a hobby for some. There are many ways to vape that involve more than just inhaling, and it’s pretty fun to try to master them. Some popular smoke tricks are blowing O’s, ghost inhale, and dragon.

Vape your Vitamins

As crazy as it may sound, “vape your vitamins” is actually the slogan of a few new companies, whose products offer vape pens that combine water vapour with healthy supplements. If you’re looking for a fun way to get more B12, this new type of vaping is the way to go.

Fashion Accessory

Not only are there different brands of vapes that come in different shapes and sizes, there are also many colours and patterns. Who says you can’t bejewel your vape and wear it as a fashion statement? We don’t necessarily recommend wearing your vape around your neck, but you should choose your favourite colour or even customise your vape with stickers.

No Black Lungs

Saving your lungs from turning black is priceless. The tar that is found in cigarettes leaves many smokers with black lungs. Vapes don’t, which is great.

Better for the Environment

Cities like Paris, France are notorious for one kind of littering, cigarette butts. If everyone in France was vaping instead of smoking cigarettes and leaving the trash on the streets, the country would be a lot cleaner. Vaping leaves a smaller ecological footprint, with the only disposable part of the process being the bottles that the juice comes in.

Vaping Cons

Nicotine Addiction

If you are looking to use vaping for the psychoactive changes that it comes with, then you will be subject to developing an addiction. This is because if you want to feel good from more than just the habit of smoking, then you’ll need to use a juice that contains some nicotine, but since dependency is not ideal, many people choose the nicotine free juice option.

Uncertain Health Risks

The metal coils which heat the liquid nitrogen in vapes may mix with the vapour and cause users to inhale lead, nickel, chromium, or manganese.

Vaping is also not totally chemical free. Electronic cigarettes are made of four basic ingredients: water, flavouring, nicotine, and propylene glycol, which could damage health.


One potential downside to vaping is that it is a costly habit. Considering the cost of the electronic hardware as well as the juice, the yearly cost of vaping is around £300. While this is a lot of money, it is still cheaper than the yearly spend of someone who smokes cigarettes.

Bad Influence on Children

Vaping has created a culture among young kids that may be causing more harm than good. Having nicotine so easily accessible is leading lots of children to become addicted, and younger ages than ever.

Tasty flavors are largely to blame for the trend of vaping among kids. In 2019, bills have been introduced in the Senate, looking to ban vape flavors. This would likely reduce the number of smokers, both young and old.

Less Regulation than Tobacco

Because vapes are a relatively new invention, not everything is known about their effects. This also means that the vape industry is less regulated than that of cigarettes, so production is not as closely monitored.


Vaping, like many other things, has both benefits and drawbacks. It’s not totally healthy, but might be one of the safer choices for someone who wants to smoke. Having knowledge of its properties, you can now safely dabble in the practice and even get good at some smoke tricks or aid in quitting smoking by reducing your nicotine intake.