Top 10 Vape Mods and Box Mods

Our team of vape experts have come together to compile a list of the latest and best vape mods currently available in the UK market. We’ve assessed the Cheap vape mods and premium vape mods that you can buy in store and online to help you make an informed decision and buy the best vape mod for you.

What is a Vape mod?

Vape Mods are larger devices than e-cigarettes, and produce thicker clouds and higher vapour production. A Vape Mod is essentially a modified or enhanced vape pen (hence the name ‘mod’) and tend to have larger batteries and produce more power.

What’s the difference between vape pens and vape box mods?

While these terms may sound very technical, the only real difference between a vape pen and a vape mod is their shape. Vape pens keep the shape of a pen, whereas box mods are the more heavy duty option, because the lithium battery is so big that it goes in a box beneath the vape. Vape box mods are thicker either because the large vape requires two batteries or because the battery sits next to an interior vape juice container. Either way, box mods are just bigger and box-shaped.

Should I get a vape pen or a vape mod?

There is no right or wrong choice when considering which type of vape device to buy. Generally, vape box mods provide more power and vapourr, so if you’re not an expert vaper, you would be just fine with a vape pen. Vape box mods are a good choice for those who are experienced vapers looking to get as much vapour at once as possible.

You can also decide between a vape device type based on the style factor. Vape pens look like normal vape pens (slim), and can be the better option if you don’t want to be too flashy when vaping. On the other hand, choosing a vape box mod allows you to get richer and thicker clouds with a better throaty hit along with more flavour with each puff.

Why should I care about wattage?

In terms of vapes, wattage is essentially equivalent to power. The more watts that a mod uses, the more vapor, flavor, and nicotine it will produce. High wattage vapes are going to give you stronger throat hits.

Maybe you are more of a moderate vaper and you prefer a smoother hit. In that case, you should choose one of the first mods on this list, which have lower wattage and give more subtle hits. The mods in the list are ordered from the lowest watt capacity to the highest, you can scroll through everything from beginner level to heavy duty vapes.

What are the main features of vape mods?

In this article, we’re going to compare the best vape mods on the market to help you find the one that’s right for you. In order to do so, we’ll talk about the various characteristics of each one. By understanding the main features of all of the best mods, you can easily decide which one is right for you.

There are countless extra features installed in these high-tech devices. But there are some common qualities that set the mods apart from each other. A few of them are the exterior design, wattage power, screen functionality, and added tools like curve settings. Knowing the various characteristics of the top mods can help you know what you want in yours.

The type of screen installed in these products varies by device. Some mods have a screen that covers the entire side of the body, whereas others have smaller displays, and a few have no screen at all. Knowing whether you want a lot of screen interaction or not can help you find the right model.

Another interesting component of these products is child protection. If you spend time around young ones and you don’t want to put them in danger by being around your vape, then you should buy one of the models that claim to be child resistant. Choose from the below options to find the kid-friendly model that you like best and protect your kids without having to sacrifice your vaping habits.

What is curving?

Some of the following mods come with curve settings. This is a function that allows for added customization to your vaping experience. Curving can be done with power (wattage) and temperature, which will give constant vapor all throughout the inhale. If you want to curve heat and power levels while you vape for more efficient performance, choose a mod that has curving capabilities.

Which vape box mod should I buy?

Since there are so many different mods to choose from, it’s hard to know which model you should buy. In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 10 vape mods and box mods on the market so that you can find the model that suits you best.

We’ve reviewed a range of Cheap vape mods to the more expensive vape mods across the UK so you can stop searching for “cheap vape mods uk” or “best vape mods uk” as the list below should have the answer to your questions.

Aspire Zelos 2


The sleek design of this vape is just as cool as its name. The Aspire Zelos 2 has a wattage limit of 50 and has sub-ohm capabilities. This product is powered by a powerful battery that allows you to vape all day long, and includes several vaping modes for a versatile experience.

If you appreciate thorough customer service, the Zelos 2 would be a good choice for you. Aspire is a Chinese company that aims to provide quality products and an excellent help line. Should you have any concerns about this mod, this brand will certainly be there to answer your questions.

Aside from the benefits that this company provides to its customers, this vape also has strong interior features. The mod is designed to be both leak-free and child resistant. Another unique feature of this model is that the small display screen will rotate with your hand when you turn the device, for easy reading.

This is not necessarily a cheap vape mod but is definitely worth investing in.

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Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus Apex


The Cool Fire IV is a 70 watt device that is more powerful than comparable 40 watt models, and it’s known as the best of the Cool Fire series. This version includes the battery and comes with a mini USB cable for charging. It’s a Sub ohm vape, meaning that it uses low resistance coils to produce larger clouds of vapor.

Additionally, this mod’s battery is long lasting so that you don’t have to charge it too often. The body is designed to fit perfectly in your hand for a comfortable vaping experience. If you like big clouds, you’ll like the The Cool Fire IV, as it uses iSub coils, which produce huge flavorful, high wattage clouds.

Innokin iTaste Kroma-A


If you prefer the sub-ohm style of vaping, this Innokin product is a solid choice. A positive quality of the iTaste Kroma-A is its rapid charging abilities and the improvements of the new version, which is now compatible with most popular tanks. Among the many advanced features, there is one that is particularly interesting. This vape allows you to preheat the coils to your preferred temperature, and gives a high number of puffs per charge.

This model offers three appealing exterior colors: gunmetal, stainless steel, and rose gold. The mod uses Plex3D Coils, which have advanced micro-grooves and provide rapid heating and cooling, compared to traditional coils.

Another cool feature of this mod is that the iSub-B tank has automatic overflow protection for worry-free refills. For those who want a smaller vape that produces big clouds, you’ll be quite happy with the Kroma-A.

Vaporesso Revenger Mini


Vaporesso has designed a small but mighty vape called the Revenger Mini. With the power to reach a wattage of 85, this model uses a powerful battery but still fits easily in your pocket. A unique feature of this vape is its customizable modes, which give the option for curving temperature, wattage, and more. While the condensed size of the Revenge Mini may lead you to think that it has fewer functions, the opposite is actually true. This mod has an impressive number of badass qualities.

For starters, one side of the vape includes an attractive analog clock display. Why wear a watch when your mini mod is cool enough to tell you the time? Pretty soon, all your friends will be asking you what time it is. You can respond, “It’s time to vape”.

And you’ll always be ready to do so, as this little mod comes with a built-in battery with quick charging capabilities. This means that your device will get a full charge in just 90 minutes, and you won’t ever have to buy a battery for it. This is a huge advantage over other vape mods.

As if all of these cool features weren’t enough to convince you that this is the vape for you, Vaporesso has built in yet another bonus. The touch screen has four different light up displays with cool designs. Between the options of checking the time and watching the stars shine on your mini device, this Revenger Mini is just too good to be true.



The Baby LUXE box mod definitely lives up to its name. This is a cool looking vape with nine distinct color options. It doesn’t get better than that. The backside of the mod has a snakeskin pattern for an even more impressive look. If you have a thing for touch screens, you’re going to love this vape. The screen is two inches tall and shatter resistant. And as if nine color options wasn’t enough, this mod also allows you to choose from six screen color for more personalization.

This box mod has a dynamic square shape for comfortable gripping and preheat functionality. The device comes with temperature control and the capacity to reach 600º F. Using the screen lock, you can disable preference changes and even vape production altogether.

Voopoo Drag 2 Kit


If you’re into trippy designs, this is going to be your new favorite vape. The Voopoo Drag offers a cool feature that you won’t find in other products; you can add your own custom logo to the display. This LED screen shows all data like battery levels, resistance, and modes. Inside, the 32 bit gene chip enables wattage curves so that you can really customize your vaping experience.

But this mod isn’t just a pretty face. Voopoo is a company that is committed to creating high-tech products that promote the quality of human life and society. When buying from this brand, you can be sure that you’ll receive a quality mod from people who care about your well-being.

One of the most impressive characteristics of this product is that it has eight distinct security functions, from prevention from overheating to protection against coil burning. Another cool thing about this mod is that the artistic design on the side is made of a panel of resin, making this a mod of eco-friendly construction.

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Vaporesso Revenger X Kit


Vaporesso created this vape with the intention to “say hello to the future”. Its advanced features will surely convince you that this product is cutting edge. The mod is simply cool, with multiple color options, including a rainbow one. The full-face screen comes with vibrating touch response, for a truly advanced feel.

To activate the vape, simply press down on the large easy-access button on the side of the mod. This product is available in red, green, black, blue, or rainbow, and comes with Omni Board 2.2 technology, which is Vaporesso’s very own advanced chipset. This feature allows for rapid fire vaping, meaning that your clouds will come out richer and denser. Moreover, the mod includes quick charging. The Revenger X gets a full charge in just 45 minutes!

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Smok Alien


The most unique feature of the Smok Alien is a feature that tells puff time and number of puffs. This vape also comes with two charging options, either external or using the USB outlet. Another

benefit of choosing this vape is that it’s made by an established brand. Smok specialises in the manufacture and research of vape products. By innovating with new developments and patented products, they are known as experts in variable wattage and temperature controlled vape mods.

This is an awesome vape to choose if you want to buy more than a product. Smok is a globally present brand that has developed an unparalleled component: a mobile application. The exclusive app is made for its customers to share their vaping experiences and connect with other Smok customers who are enjoying the same products. If being part of a vaping community sounds like fun to you, you’ll really enjoy this brand.

Smok Mag With TFV12 Prince Tank


The Smok Mag is another product from the same worldwide brand. With five more watts than the Smok Alien, the Mag is a second option from the same brand, which strives to help its customers become healthier and happier. And should you have any questions about your product, Smok is available to help you. This is another company that is committed to superior customer service.

The Smok Mag is high power and comes in three different style options. This vape has an impressive wattage capacity of 225. Another cool thing about this box mod is that it’s not just shaped like a box. The body of the Mag vape is curved to fit nicely in your hand for easy gripping. It also has a cool touch screen on the side with a mini USB port for charging. The Smok Mag vape also comes with a patented lock to prevent leaks and accidents with children. And it has a fun patterned mouthpiece.

Innokin Proton


If you are looking to purchase a product that has been carefully crafted, you’ve just found your match. Every material and piece of the Innokin Proton has undergone a complete overhaul to ensure that all parts of this mod are as efficient as possible.

The brand name, Innokin, represents the company’s goal to combine innovation, design, and quality to produce the very best vape products in the world. This mod is a testament to that promising strategy.

A distinguishing feature of the Innokin Proton is its mouse-like navigation, which uses a little joystick button to control the settings. This high-tech feature is coupled by other added bonuses such as the easy juice refill function. Simply slide the mouthpiece to the side and fill the vape with your newest vape juice, then slide back and wait five minutes before vaping.

This mod also features the ability to choose from six screen color options and other customization opportunities. It comes with a Plexus Coil which is sophisticatedly constructed for supreme stability and durability. As a result, this is an excellent vape with constant resistance and high wattage for great flavor and stronger hits.

To sum it up…

Hopefully now your search for “cheap vape mods uk” or “best vape mods uk” is over. When choosing from the top 10 vape mods and box mods, you really can’t go wrong. Every one of these products is made of high-quality materials and has various beneficial features for your enjoyment. Using this article, you can quickly find your dream vape by considering which of these mods has the characteristics that are most important to you. Or, you can even buy the mod that simply has your favorite design, as all of these products are very cool looking. Hopefully you already know which one was made for you and your search for the best vape mod is now over.

Happy vaping! Make sure to enjoy your new mod and the big clouds that you’ll be puffing.

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